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Hello there. Welcome to my cozy little space on the web. I like it here, and I hope you do as well. My work as a photographer started about 6 years ago, and my passion continues to grow in tandem with my workload. I have been fortunate to make a living as an artist, dividing my time between taking photos and making music; I like both of those things a great deal. 

I love the world, and find it to be a very interesting place to spend some time. I like many things about our little planet, but nothing fascinates me more than the people that inhabit it. People will always be the greatest treasure to me, which is likely why I favor photographing people above any other subject matter.

We are each unique, each products of a culture that shapes us while we simultaneously shape it. In this sense, we each matter, and each contribute to the communities in which we participate. And despite the fact that the world is a vast landscape of diverse opinions, values, traditions, and ambitions, I still believe that we are all connected by a common humanity.

It is this that interests me most as an artist--whether as a photographer or as a musician--I am interested in the human spirit, and interested in anything that sheds light on our personhood. 

Lately, I've been learning to live more deliberately, learning to slow down a little and open my eyes to what the world might be trying to tell me. There is an immense amount of beauty in the world, but also a great amount of suffering. Often times, the former lives amongst the latter, where joy reigns above adversity and sorrow.

 I have seen this phenomenon countless times in my travels, and it always inspires me to be more intentional about recognizing beauty where it exists. The truth is, no matter where you are, goodness and beauty are always present, because they exist essentially within the human spirit. This is what I love about photographing people--in short, I believe that people are good despite their badness, whole despite their brokenness, and heroic despite their tragicness.  There is nothing more interesting to me than human beings living on planet earth, and I'm proud to be one of them